If I get peed on one more time….


Do you ever have a day when, for no reason at all, God decides to test your patience by giving you every crappy situation you can fall into at work?

Like today, things were good, patients were happy doctors were busy and then next thing you hear over the intercom is a ringing “TRIAGE!!!”. Okay, it’s to be expected. After all you are on the ICU floor at work. A nurse runs up to see what the matter is and the rest of the staff gets ready to work.

As soon as the nurse comes back to the floor to tell us of our new patient, another shrill “TRIAGE” rings out…..it’s cool, we are alright. There is plenty of staff here to take care of this.

And then it happens; as if the wind has shifted (or the sunday night game has ended), and everyone within a ten mile radius comes rushing in through front doors with animals in cages and on leashes and hurled over shoulders demanding someone, ANYONE to help them with Fluffy, look at Rufus, please help carry Brutus in from the car, check Fifi’s paw. Is Spike bleeding? Careful, Darryl likes to bite. What’s that hanging out of Bella’s mouth!?!

So you get to work with your team of intelligent, qualified partners in arms. Clients are organized and patients are triaged. Procedures are going on in every which-away. Lunch is a dream fading way into the evening and your scrubs are covered in something green with a terribly familiar smell. Just when you think you may have gotten a handle on your senses you hear that dang voice over the intercom yell “TRIAGE STAT TRIAGE STAT!!”

WHAT?!?!……WHY!?!….. we were almost there! Almost to the end zone….

Sigh…..yeah I know….I’ll call my husband and tell him I’m gonna be late for dinner……..again.




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