Tech School and the Farm Rotation Blues


When I think about tech school, I usually think of the loud students vying for the teacher’s attention, 50 pound book bags with broken wheels; anal glands, and mountains of note cards written for the one test that will end your veterinary career before it even gets started.

Oh yeah, and the field trip to work on the farm with livestock half the class will never work with again. Ah memories….

I remember the first time I came to a working farm in Illinois. Knowing that my 3 year experience on a working farm in Florida might give me an edge, I intended to observe and enjoy the subtleties between the different state routines.

We were there for all of 30 minutes before a wicked coughing attack came on me. The more I tried to clear my throat the tighter it felt. After 20 more minutes of this struggle, I told my teacher that I need to leave and  I quickly ( as quickly as possible) left the farm. Down the street my breathing became better but I was embarrassed to leave the class like that. My mom took one look at me when I got home and shoved 50mg of Benadryl down my throat. Of course she figured what was happening to me before I did. I was having an allergic reaction.

How crazy is that?!? I’ve practically lived my whole life around animals and now some funky farm is trying to drive me out of commission?!? What the heck was I allergic to? Well I wasn’t gonna waste time kicking myself when I had 10 more days of farming left on my rotation for school.

The next day and every day afterwards I sauntered back to that farm, equipped with 100mgs of Benadryl and heavy-duty face masks. Luckily I only freaked my fellow classmates out with my get-up; the horses were just happy to have someone clean their stalls.

Yes, I realized that it was probably the horse dander and hay that gave me a run for my money, but that wasn’t gonna stop me from receiving my passing marks and treating my “patients”. I’ve upgraded to a fancy inhaler since then ( fiery red like me ;-P) and take a few moments to check on myself before getting into anything sketchy. Safety first!

Man only for this job, I tell you…..and sometimes for milk by-products 😉

Do any of you have fun Tech school memories? I’d love to hear from you. Leave  your story in the comments section and I’ll be glad to read and possibly post it in a future blog.

Have a good one guys!



I hear tell of people looking forward to the weekends; no work, binging on NETFLIX and quality time with friends and loved ones. But for some reason all I can think of is the rush to the hospital that usually comes around the four o’ clock hour.

What goes on around this hour that makes all of dogs and cats go crazy? Are they striving for extra attention or are their owners seeing a gap in their day and really just taking a good look at their pets and thinking “hmm somethin’s not right here”?

Either way, 4 o’ clock is the beginning of the final stretch of vaccines, leg splints,  bite wounds, and the occasional last minute surgical procedure in day practice.

Got any last minute procedure stories worth sharing?

If I get peed on one more time….


Do you ever have a day when, for no reason at all, God decides to test your patience by giving you every crappy situation you can fall into at work?

Like today, things were good, patients were happy doctors were busy and then next thing you hear over the intercom is a ringing “TRIAGE!!!”. Okay, it’s to be expected. After all you are on the ICU floor at work. A nurse runs up to see what the matter is and the rest of the staff gets ready to work.

As soon as the nurse comes back to the floor to tell us of our new patient, another shrill “TRIAGE” rings out…’s cool, we are alright. There is plenty of staff here to take care of this.

And then it happens; as if the wind has shifted (or the sunday night game has ended), and everyone within a ten mile radius comes rushing in through front doors with animals in cages and on leashes and hurled over shoulders demanding someone, ANYONE to help them with Fluffy, look at Rufus, please help carry Brutus in from the car, check Fifi’s paw. Is Spike bleeding? Careful, Darryl likes to bite. What’s that hanging out of Bella’s mouth!?!

So you get to work with your team of intelligent, qualified partners in arms. Clients are organized and patients are triaged. Procedures are going on in every which-away. Lunch is a dream fading way into the evening and your scrubs are covered in something green with a terribly familiar smell. Just when you think you may have gotten a handle on your senses you hear that dang voice over the intercom yell “TRIAGE STAT TRIAGE STAT!!”

WHAT?!?!……WHY!?!….. we were almost there! Almost to the end zone….

Sigh…..yeah I know….I’ll call my husband and tell him I’m gonna be late for dinner……..again.